Stretch Therapy In Johns Creek, GA

Medical Fitness and Wellness Group Johns Creek offers Stretching. Sessions are one-on-one and are privately done in our studio with our certified Stretch Therapists. A stretching program will change your life. You will have fewer aches and pains, better mobility, better posture, and less stress just to mention a few. What are you waiting for? Book a session Jordan today and give it a try. He will do a comprehensive assessment on you. You will be glad you did!

Jordan Kuhn- (level 2) Certified Stretch Therapist

jordan kuhn stretch therapist

Benefits Of Stretching Program

  • Less muscle and joint pain
  • Improves functional and athletic performance
  • Helps reduce the risk of training and sports injuries
  • Keeps you mobile through-out your life which gives you ability to do the things you enjoy doing.
  • Improves the activities of daily living

  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Postural Improvement
  • Stress Reduction
  • And many more!

Why should I stretch?

Did you know that for a muscle to respond appropriately to a strengthening program it needs to be the proper length? It’s true. It is called length/tension relationship. If a muscle is too short (tight) or too long (weak) it will be very difficult for that muscle to improve with a resistance program when your goals are to build strength and muscle. Our muscles get short or long from faulty or habitual movement patterns, such as poor posture, extended sitting, and repetitive movements to name just a few. We will get you body back to the proper length/tension relationship through Corrective Exercise. A scientifcally proven approach backed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. When muscles are not fighting against each other, you will move better, have less aches and pain, and protect yourself from injury, and who doesn’t want to be more durable in this stressful world we live in right? Book a complimentary consultation now!

What is myofascial stretching?

Myofascial stretching is very different from classic stretching techniques. Instead of stretching out the muscle itself, it uses precise postures and highly coordinated movements to target the fascia surrounding specific muscles and joints. By doing so, it promotes positive nourishment and healing in the particular areas you choose to target.


Please note: Because the stretches and postures involved in this technique are very precise, instruction by a trained professional is required. We have noticed a surge recently in the Johns Creek and surrounding area of Stretch franchises that are opening up. Please know that our Stretch Therapists are highly trained with the best and most respected certification you can receive through the Stretch to Win Institute. Please do your research before deciding on who to take care of your health and wellness needs.

Call us now to book a Stretch. You will be glad you did! Package rates available! Call us at (770)-623-4078 to book your appointment, or book the session right now online.