About Medical Fitness and Wellness Group

Welcome to Medical Fitness and Wellness Group Johns Creek. Established in 2014 and 2023 winner of Best Nutritionist, Best Personal Trainer, and runner-up for Best Pain Management, we offer a turn-key solution for your health and wellness needs. As a fully integrated wellness facility, we provide Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Post-rehab continuing wellness programs, Corrective Exercise for muscle imbalances and chronic pain, Stretch Therapy,  Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Medical Exercise for many chronic conditions, as well as our award-winning nutrition program for weight loss and blood/sugar stabilization.

Whether it is to tone up, lose weight, strengthen your core, manage a condition, improve the performance of your favorite sport, or just improve your flexibility and live pain-free, the Medical Fitness and Wellness Group of Johns Creek can help!

Why choose us and how are we different?

The biggest difference between our wellness center and another type of fitness facility is that we focus on overall wellness instead of just fitness. It’s possible to be physically fit, or working toward physical fitness, and still experience ill health. The purpose of a medical fitness center isn’t just to help clients lose weight or gain muscle, but to help them manage their health. Medical Fitness and Wellness Group uses evidence-based solutions to reduce unwanted variations. This means that all our corrective exercise programs and rehab programs follow techniques that are scientifically proven through extensive research studies, and backed by organizations including The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), International Board of Nutrition and Fitness, and RedCord to name a few. Our pain management program is a natural healing protocol. We do not offer injections or nerve block temporary solution protocols.  These just mask the root of the problem and you may be worse off in the long run. Our protocols are evidence-based and holistic and use the body’s natural healing process to work with you, not against you.

We collaborate with Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, and Licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapists to offer you a comprehensive solution for your unique situation. Gyms and fitness centers that aren’t medically guided may not follow correct procedures, and therefore may not be safe or effective. Many of the programs in these types of gyms tend to be based on what the public perceives as “the new thing”, a fad, or what feels right to them. At our medical fitness facility, the staff is qualified and certified to teach sound techniques for improving one’s life quality, and does not allow unsupported trends and fads to affect what they do. We will never sell you a product or service that has not been backed by medical science. Let’s get started! Book a complimentary consultation now!

What also separates us is our approach to wellness. We use a proactive approach to total wellness emphasizing preventative care to not let it happen in the first place. We provide traditional AND alternative solutions to give you a more comprehensive and effective outcome. We look at the body as a complete kinetic chain and find the “Root” cause of your pain and dysfunction, not the symptom where the pain ended up. Once you find the TRUE source you will live a pain-free life and be able to continue doing the things that define you at any age!

Who can benefit from a Medical Exercise Center?

While anyone can benefit from an evidence-based approach to fitness, our wellness center is particularly beneficial to those with pre-existing health conditions, like diabetes, chronic pain, and many other chronic conditions. Individuals living with these conditions should absolutely work on becoming more fit, but they also have to act with caution. Fad diets or overly ambitious exercise regimens could prove very dangerous for someone living with one of these conditions.

Medical fitness centers are also ideal for clients who have never before seriously participated in a fitness regimen. Inexperienced clients are in danger of trying to do too much too fast or falling victim to unsafe fads and trends.

More than just exercise

A vital component of medical fitness centers is their focus on lifestyle factors as well as exercise. At our center, a client will receive input on lifestyle changes beyond just exercising. Dietary changes, stress relief methods, and preventative spinal care are all important focus points we cover at our wellness center.

Our wellness center is fully integrated and all of our trainers and therapists collaborate with each other and are in the same location. This means that everyone responsible for your health and well-being will be on the same page. No more having to go to two, three, or four different health and wellness providers that may have different ideas and opinions as to what is best for you, and may not be in communication with your other doctors and wellness providers. When your wellness team is all in ONE location it saves time, and we are able to collaborate which each other about your individual care and come up with a customized wellness plan for you. We will integrate with your primary care provider as well if requested. We are fully integrated with one goal in mind, YOU! We know what you are struggling with and we can help you get out of it! Book a complimentary consultation now!


Our Process

We will meet with you for an initial consultation. We will collaborate as your wellness team to assess your current condition(s), posture, spine, strength, range of motion, cardiovascular, nutrition, and any muscle imbalances that may need to be addressed in your own personal program. We design programs that promote overall wellness with the human movement system in mind. We teach you the correct form and stretching techniques to improve your muscle imbalances, eliminate pain, decrease your risk of injury, and build muscle. Our integrated approach to wellness will maximize your results. We’re the best in the area and we’ll prove it! Give us a try and see how convenient it can be when all of your holistic health and wellness providers are at the same location. Please be our guest and sign up for a free consultation.

Our mission is a simple one. To give you your life back at any age or any situation and allow you to keep doing the things that define you!





To become the most recognized name in Integrated Wellness Services in the communities we serve.

Core Values



We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients by listening to and understanding their individual needs.

Empathy for Individual

Service is #1. We strive to achieve superior service for all of our patients and clients making them feel at home in a comfortable, safe and mutually trusting environment.


We have empathy and compassion for the individual. By fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment we represent a “can do” attitude and are passionate about the services we provide. We know what you are struggling width and we can help you get out of it.


Through our attitude we are honest, integral, and inspire others to achieve total wellness. We practice what we preach, match our behaviors to our words, and take responsibility for our actions.

Best People in Place

Meaning we attract, develop, and retain the best people for our unique business.