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Golf  Performance Enhancement

You want to feel unstoppable when you’re out on the golf course. You want to swing with precision, add more distance with every shot, and improve your club head speed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy, and no matter how many practice swings you take, you might not know what you’re doing wrong without professional guidance.

Whether you’re feeling rusty and need extra support or experiencing pain that limits your swing, we have the solution! At Medical Fitness and Wellness Group, our NASM Certified Golf Fitness Specialists and Corrective Exercise Specialists can help you improve your game and health! Our team of golf performance enhancement experts will work with you to achieve your goals, whether game improvement, less pain, improved balance, or simply more training.

Achieve Your Golf Fitness Goals

Achieve Your Golf Fitness Goals

Many golfers are dissatisfied with their performance. They try various workouts and game strategies to no avail.

If this sounds like you, we are here to help.

With our golf fitness program, you’ll be at the top of your game.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Do you perform to the best of your ability but aren’t as satisfied as other golfers? We can help you meet your goals through new workouts and training.

A problem with your swing may not be related to lack of practice. If you haven’t taken care of your muscles, extra practice could strain them and worsen your swing.

To prevent injury, we’ll show you how to properly prepare and care for your body before stepping on the golf course.

Swinging Golfer

Recover From an Injury

Don’t let an injury stop you from playing golf. After taking the break you need, we’ll help you get back to where you want to be, whether you’re recovering from golf-specific injuries like:

  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Tendonitis

You don’t want to power through the pain. At Medical Fitness and Wellness Group, we’ll help you develop pain management strategies while building your strength through personalized training.

Taking care of your body is a step in your recovery, so be patient.

Set up that tee on the ground, place the ball, and get ready to swing. Our golf fitness program can unlock your potential by improving your flexibility, speed, and shot distance.

About Our Golf Fitness Program

When you enter our golf fitness program, we guide you through a series of stages to build up your strength.

Our golf performance enhancement professionals will help you meet your goals.

The Assessment

We begin your training with two assessments:

  • Static posture test
  • Kinetic chain movement test

These help us understand where you are so we can identify areas that need improvement.

From there, we create a training plan. No two players require the same treatment, so we personalize your plan for you.

We split your custom training plan into three phases based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) OPT model.


Phase One: Stabilization

When your core muscles aren’t working together optimally, they can’t perform to their fullest potential. This impacts the quality of your swing, the consistency of your shots, your club head speed, and your overall game.

To strengthen your core muscles, we use a suspension training system. Over four weeks, we train and strengthen your muscles to help your game and prevent injury.

We stretch out tense muscles, use trigger point release, and teach you golf exercises to help you:

  • Regain your balance
  • Straighten your posture
  • Restore your muscles

Your core is just the beginning. These four weeks focus on assessing your needs and taking the first steps toward improvement.


Phase Two: Strength

After the stabilization phase, you’ll begin another four-week phase focusing on strength.

Building strength is instrumental to golf players. Each game demands a lot from you, and our golf fitness program will ensure you’re ready for it.

We build off the foundation you’ve established and incorporate exercises that use the same muscles and movement as a golf swing.


Phase Three: Power

The last four weeks of our golf fitness program focus on bringing everything together. We use cardio, strength exercises, and better golf techniques to increase the impact of your shots.

By training in a controlled environment, you can increase the power behind your swing, add distance to your shots, and make your performance more consistent.

Benefits of Golf Fitness Training

Golf is all about the effort you put in. Our training programs guide you through golf exercise, but you control your body. Your fitness; your responsibility.

Making the choice to prioritize golf fitness results in benefits you can measure, from your swing speed to shot accuracy.


Increase Your Golf Swing

With the stabilization, strength, and power programs, you’ll improve your golf swing. When it’s more consistent, you can cover more distance and leave the other golfers on the field in awe.

If you’re a golfer who struggles with consistent golf swings, call us to start your training.


Increased Club Head Speed

Golfers know that an increased club head speed means a better golf game.

If you’re a golfer who wants to see progress in their distance and golfing ability, our programs can help. We’ll show you the best training and workouts for your body.


Overall Game Improvement

You’re good at your game, but you want to be great. Golfers are ambitious, constantly achieving new goals. We create the best training programs for you to reach those milestones with less pain, increased golf fitness, and easier movement.

Golf Performance Enhancement With Medical Fitness and Wellness Group

Do you want to work on your swing and make par more often when you hit the links? Start your training to improve your movement, align your hips, and master the follow-through.

We work with members of St. Marlow, St. Ives, Sugarloaf Country Club, Atlanta Athletic Club, and other nearby clubs and make it easy to measure your progress.

Prioritize golf performance enhancement and start training with us today. We build golfers from the ground up. You can train your body to excel at golf.

Are you ready to commit for the next 12 weeks? Call us now for more information and let our Golf Fitness Specialist take your game to the next level. (770)-623-4078 or book a complimentary consultation now.

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Benefits Of The Golf And Tennis Performance Enhancement Program

  • Increases range of motion throughout the swing, especially in the leading hip.
  • Improves functional and athletic performance.
  • Helps reduce the risk of sports injuries.
  • Identifies physical imbalances and weaknesses.
  • Strengthens your core significantly.

  • Identifies the difference between movement quality and compensations.
  • Enhanced strength, flexibility, and power through your entire swing.
  • Strengthens your de-acceleration muscles following your swing to prevent re-occurring injury.