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Each and every day, we are constantly doing activities that create muscle imbalances in the body. From sleeping on one side, sitting for long periods of time, or participating in sports like tennis and golf, our bodies slowly develop strengths and weaknesses that eventually lead to asymmetry in the body. When these posture and movement imbalances are present in the body, we can be more susceptible to chronic pain and injuries.

When most people seek out treatment for chronic pain, they often look at the immediate symptoms of their pain; the knee, the back, the neck, or whatever is causing them pain and discomfort. In many cases however, the pain you’re experiencing now is often the result of a series of small events that, when looked at as a whole, leads to the real reason you’re experiencing pain and may not be coming directly from the source. Muscle imbalance, poor flexibility and movement issues are often the root cause of chronic pain AND the reason you have chronic pain. Sadly, many of us feel this is the natural aging process and we have to live with pain. Now you have a choice!

What is Corrective Exercise?

Corrective Exercise is a form of exercise designed to help bring the body back into good postural position. Corrective exercise begins with static and movement assessments to determine which area(s) are out of balance and then recommending simple exercises including massage, stretching, and strengthening to undo the old habits and create new healthier movement patterns to help eliminate pain for good. Through Corrective Exercises we reintroduce proper function to your body, which in turn restores correct structure. When your body stops compensating for imbalances you are able to move freely and your pain disappears. We focus on the underlying cause of your pain, not just a temporary solution to reduce your pain. We follow a 5-step process to correct your muscle imbalances.

First we will do a digital posture screening to determine which muscles are out of balance and causing you pain in your upper and/or lower extremities. We then do a full kinetic chain assessment using our Redcord system to determine which muscles are weak, tight, and not firing properly. These findings will determine the root cause of your pain. A corrective exercise program is then drafted for your individual needs.

Steps two through five bring the body back into functional alignment. First, we INHIBIT (release tension) the over-active muscles that may be causing the imbalance. This is done with our percussion massager (theragun) or our new enhanced manual neuromuscular trigger point release performed by our corrective massage therapist by decreasing the overactive muscle tissue in the body. Next we then LENGTHEN (stretch) the overactive muscles to increase the range of motion, followed by ACTIVATION (strengthening) of the weakened muscles causing the muscle imbalance. The activation is isolated resistance training using our state-of-the-art Redcord system to strengthen the weakened muscles. Finally, we bring all the muscles together and INTEGRATE them into a functional movement pattern to get you moving again. The process we use is a scientifically proven approach used and promoted by The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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Benefits of Corrective Exercise

  • Pain Reduction
  • Allows you to take control over your pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation.
  • Improves functional and athletic performance
  • Helps reduce the risk of training and sports injuries
  • Identifies physical imbalances and weaknesses
  • Identifies the difference between movement quality and compensations

  • Identifies cause-and-effect relationship to micro trauma
  • Improves the activities of daily living
  • Enhanced strength, flexibility and power
  • Postural Improvement
  • Stress Reduction

Why should I do Corrective exercise?

Corrective Exercise focuses on optimum posture, quality movement, and core function. By reintroducing proper structure in the body, structure can improve and you can move freely and with less pain.

Corrective Exercise is an essential tool for people of all abilities and ages. With the right Corrective Exercise program for you, the flaws in any technique can be overcome. From something as advanced as sprinting or as repetitive as working on your computer-Corrective Exercise is the answer. Poor technique in any kind of movement sets the stage for injury, and ill health.

Which posture is yours?

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