Physical Therapy at Medical Fitness and Wellness

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Physical Therapy at Medical Fitness and Wellness

Physical Therapy at Medical Fitness and Wellness

Physical therapy is essential for anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress, or injury. Many people neglect the health solutions they need during critical moments of their healing process. Waiting to treat your condition can lead to worse symptoms and longer recovery time.

The number of physical therapy options is staggering. The medical industry continues to discover and improve rehabilitation methods.

It is not always easy to find reliable treatment options. Still, physical rehabilitation offers a range of solutions for countless conditions. Whether you need to strengthen your path to recovery or ease stress, consider these solutions.

Wellness experts in Georgia explain the many benefits physical therapy achieves.

Treatment for Everyone

Osteoporosis ExercisePhysical therapy benefits everyone and accommodates a wide range of health conditions. You may need this treatment at any stage of life. Therapeutic exercises are the most common physical rehabilitation methods seen across all age groups.

These treatment methods help encourage muscle growth and healing. Patients train the mind and body to overcome injuries and movement limitations.

Physical therapists administer exercises at a pace suitable for the patient. Hundreds of available treatment plans ensure that there is a solution for everyone.

Athletes, students, veterans, workers, and the elderly can all benefit from physical therapy solutions. According to a 2019 study, physical rehabilitation centers in the United States see between 100 and 200 patients every week. The high demand speaks for itself.

When Should You Seek Physical Therapy?

Doctors may recommend physical therapy as you recover from a direct injury or to alleviate age-related symptoms. You can seek physical therapy to improve other areas of your wellness. Below are common conditions people can manage through physical therapy:

  • Diabetes and vascular disorders
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Improving range of movement
  • Recovery from minor or significant injuries
  • Strengthening joints
  • Managing balance disorders
  • Recovery from stroke or heart conditions

The intensity of your treatment option depends on the condition you are managing. Physical rehabilitation can last as little as a few days or for years. Most patients will observe ongoing improvements as they continue their sessions. Consider using physical therapy as a holistic, safe way to manage your condition.

While you can pair physical therapy with other wellness solutions, it works as a stand-alone treatment in some cases. Many people opt to use physical therapy to substitute for drugs or invasive surgeries.

Find the Right Treatment Center

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of rehabilitation centers out there. Certified physical therapists are easy to find with the right help. Residents in Atlanta, GA, recommend Medical Fitness and Wellness Group, LLC, to provide quality physical therapy solutions.

Our wellness center does not judge the condition of any patient who comes through the door. We offer safe, reliable treatment options to improve your symptoms and help you down the road to recovery. If you are managing injuries, stress, or simply looking to strengthen your body holistically, we will help.

We practice ethical, results-driven solutions to get you back on your feet. Don’t wait for your symptoms to worsen. Let us help you improve your health with the proper knowledge and treatments.

Schedule your physical therapy session right here at Medical Fitness and Wellness Group with Dr. Kelly Jones. You can schedule with Kelly at